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ILADEF Physician Training Program


ILADEF’s training program provides a foundation in the evidence-based treatment of Lyme and associated diseases, and directly addresses commonly encountered diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.

The participant learns how to evaluate and treat patients for Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases in a real-world setting. This environment allows physicians to appreciate diverse and often subtle presentations of tick-borne disease.

Participants will return to practice with:

  • Enhanced clinical skills
  • An integrated, nuanced approach to directing treatment
  • Confidence in diagnosis and treatment

The program is appropriate for, and tailored to meet, the educational needs of its participants, regardless of level of current expertise.

Timeline to complete program – 6 months total:

  • From application date trainee has 3 months to schedule training.
  • Once training is scheduled trainee has 3 months to complete training.

Due to the information you will be learning, it is recommended that the training be done in-person. Virtual training is available on a case-by-case basis. Please email if you wish to participate in the program virtually.


The ILADEF’s Physician Training program is available in-person and consists of the following curriculum:

  • At least complete 20 hours 1:1 shadowing with the training physician. This may include telehealth cases or virtual cases.
  • Teacher supervises at least 5 cases with the Trainee – at least 1-hour session per case.
  • Another 4 hours to review questions and answers – complete checklist.
  • Shadow- zoom interviews – HIPAA compliant.
  • Standard case presentations which may come from physician training program.
  • Trainees are responsible for presenting one clinical case and working through it with the Preceptor. The Trainee will submit a case assessment and plan to the training physician before the training is completed.
  • Review and understand each topic within the ILADS curriculum checklist.
  • Trainee completes Trainee online program evaluation form.



  • MD, DO, ND, NP degree
  • Has full antibiotic prescribing rights
  • Actively seeing Lyme patients
  • Completed the ILADS Vector-Borne Illness Fundamentals Program and passed associated quiz
    • Click here to learn more about Vector-Borne Illness Fundamentals
  • Pledge to use the knowledge gained during the mentorship to treat tick-borne illnesses in one’s clinical practice.

Registration Fee

  • $3,000 – ILADS Members
  • $5,000 – Non-Members

NOTE: The registration fee will be non-refundable and paid in advance to ILADEF before consideration for training.  If you are not accepted to the program your registration fee minus a $50 processing fee will be refunded.

Grants Available: If you need financial assistance, please complete the grant application form.

Physician Training Program Application Process:

  1. Complete online application (below).
  2. Pay the registration fee.
  3. Your application and documentation must be reviewed and approved by the ILADEF Board of Directors prior to placement. Typically, this can take 1-2 months.
  4. If you have any questions, please email


Please click on the name link to review each Preceptors’ Bio.

Steven J. Bock, MD

Steven J. Bock, MD
Rhinebeck, NY

Alexis Chesney ND

Alexis Chesney, ND
Westminster, VT

Eboni Cornish, MD

Eboni Cornish, MD
Reston, VA

Christine L Green, MD, AAFP

Christine L. Green, MD
Mountain View, CA

Steven Harris, MD

Steven Harris, MD
Foster City, CA

Casey Kelley, MD

Casey Kelley, MD
Chicago, IL

Amy Offutt, MD

Amy Offutt, MD
Marble Falls, TX