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Physician Training Program

ILADEF and ILADS are committed to supporting medical professionals as they take on the challenges in evaluating and treating patients with tick-borne diseases. Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections are complex illnesses which can be difficult to diagnose and challenging to treat effectively. This is especially true for patients with chronic Lyme disease or multiple infections.

ILADEF’s training program provides a foundation in the evidence-based treatment of Lyme and associated diseases, and directly addresses commonly encountered diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. This intensive, one-to-two week program places trainee-physicians in the clinical offices of experts, where they learn how to evaluate and treat patients for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in a real world setting that allows physicians to appreciate diverse and often subtle presentations of tick-borne disease. Participants will return to practice with enhanced clinical skills and an integrated, nuanced approach to directing treatment. The program is appropriate for, and tailored to meet, the educational needs of its participants, no matter their general experience level or familiarity with tick-borne disease.

Apply for the ILADEF Provider Training Program

To qualify for the program, you must:

  • Be a licensed clinician with antibiotic prescribing privileges.
  • Complete the Lyme Fundamentals Course, developed and provided by our sister organization, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society; and
  • Pledge to use the knowledge gained during the mentorship to treat tick-borne illnesses in your clinical practice.
Dr. Ann Corson

When I first heard Dr. Joseph Burrascano give a lecture about tick borne disease on May 8, 2003 a whole new world opened for me and my chronically ill son. Over lunch with Dr. Ginny Sherr a few weeks later, I expressed my desire to learn directly from Dr. Burrascano by observing in his office. Unbelievably, in early July 2003, I found myself with Dr. B seeing patients in his office where I absorbed his wealth of knowledge like a thirsty sponge. I asked how many other doctors had come to learn from him before me.  He looked at me in his characteristically whimsical way and said, “No one, you are the first. But, I have another doctor coming from England next week.” I returned for a second week with Dr. B in September of 2003. During both of my visits he treated the woman who later founded Turn the Corner Foundation and the ILADS training program was born. In the fall of 2005, I spent a week with Dr. Ray Jones in Connecticut learning as much as I could about pediatric tick borne disease.

Dr. Ann Corson

Physician Training Program Alum

Admission and Mentorship Pairing

Upon successful completion of the ILADS Lyme Fundamentals Course, applicants can obtain required forms by emailing or via fax at, ATTN: Training Program at 301-560-5799. Course pairings are made on a rolling basis.

Applicants are able to choose preceptors according to geography, specialty and availability. ILADS makes every effort to help applicants choose mentors to match their experience, practice philosophies and goals.

Participants may elect to take the entire two-week course with one training physician. Recognizing the different approaches to treatment and the interaction of Lyme with other diseases and within specialties, ILADS encourages clinicians to consider taking two one-week courses with two different preceptors.

Cost & Logistics

Participants are responsible for the logistics associated with their preceptorship, as well as the costs incurred in participating in the program. Limited grants are available for first-time participants.

Additional Information

Learn about the prerequisite Lyme Fundamentals Course.

Learn how you can become an ILADS member.

Print & share our Provider Training Program brochure.

Continuing Education:

ILADS Scientific Conferences
ILADS members, and all healthcare providers, are encouraged to attend our national, regional and European conferences, which bring together Lyme disease researchers and physicians to review the latest evidence and best treatment practices. All scientific conferences are accredited for continuing medical education credits.

Stay updated on additional conference information.