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Grants Available

ILADEF Grants Available

We have grant funding available for:

Grants to Attend ILADS Conferences and Events

Grants to Attend ILADS Conferences and Events

Grant funding may be available if you meet the criteria below. CanLyme may also have funds available to support a Canadian medical provider to attend the Annual Conference.  Please visit more information on CanLyme grants.

ILADS grants may be available if you:

  • Have one of the following graduate degrees:
    • DO
    • MD
    • NP
    • PA
    • ND
    • PhD in biosciences
  • OR are currently a full-time matriculating graduate student in one of the programs listed above
  • OR are currently a full-time matriculating undergraduate student in the biosciences

In addition, grant funding may be available if you meet one of the criteria listed above and currently practice medicine in one of the following geographic areas:

  • Central Virginia/Richmond metro area
  • Eastern Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • New York City (five boroughs)
  • Northern Delaware
  • Southern Connecticut
  • Southern New York State
  • Oklahoma
  • Wisconsin
Grants to Attend The Vector-Borne Illness Fundamentals Course
Grants to Attend The ILADEF Physician Training Program™
Grants for Education and/or Research Related to the Treatment of Lyme and Associated Diseases
Grants for Other Projects Related to Lyme and Associated Diseases

Tools and Resources

Physician Referral

Are you looking for a knowledgeable Lyme doctor close to home? Share your location with us and we’ll send you a list of ILADS members in your area.



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ILADS is grateful for the many ways our members support our mission of advancing the standard of care for Lyme and associated diseases. Visit our donate page to learn more about the ways you can contribute.